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About Us

Spirit Pieces looks to bring the aesthetic dimension back into the death and mourning process; something we believe is not fulfilled by today's corporate end-of-life community.  Our memorial products are meant to celebrate the beautiful life of your loved ones by their very nature.

I started developing this site after the untimely death of my grandmother.  At her burial I was struck by the relatively blandness of the cemetery and grounds.   In the months and years following, I started to get interesting in memorial art and the history of it in various cultures and societies.  In my own humble opinion, we as a country fall down in this area and I decided to make it my mission to change this.

I've collected a group of very talented artists dedicated towards helping families celebrate the life of their loved ones.  From Seattle to Dallas, we strive to produce amazing quality memorials suitable for handing down through the generations.

In addition to memorial products, this site is home to various unique memorial programs like The Forever Vacation Project where we apply art in creative and fulfilling ways to help families gain closure in their lives.

To learn more, read some testimonials or how to order.  Or you can check us out online.  We can be found on Facebook under Spirit Pieces and on Instagram.

If you have any questions, please email me personally at