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'Bird in the Hand Glass Memorial'

Bird in the Hand Memorial with Infused Ash
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This adorable glass bird holds two teaspoons of cremation ash (from pets or people) within it's transparent body.  Up to three color mixes can be applied to the bottom half to give it a lovely spotted complexion.  

Our 'Bird in the Hand' is 3" by 2" by 2" and weights several ounces.  Each one is hand made by Barbara so the exact shape will vary.  Ships 3-5 weeks once we receive the collection kit (free) back.

Specify your color choices when adding to cart (you'll be shown a form.)  Please note this will pick up colors and patters from the surrounding environment.   This item is eligible for up to 20% discount for family orders.

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glass bird with cremation ash
glass birds with cremains
glass bird with cremation ash