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Memorial Glass Egg Cremation Urns with Ash in Glass Now Available

EggDavid Blake

We're super excited to announce the release of our memorial glass egg cremation urns.  These solid glass eggs are infused with a halo of ash at the time of creation and come with a bubble veil or as a stone egg.  If you've lost a loved one, be they pet or person, these lovely solid glass urns make for a wonderful way to remember them in glass.

This is a Emerald Stone - it has an opaque covering of colored glass around a clear core.


This lovely solid glass egg paperweights contain a small amount of ash from your dearly departed loved one. The ash is mixed into the orb at time at formation and is viewable via a viewing port in the bottom.  About 3.5" in height.

This is the perfect addition to any window ledge, desk or mantle; alternatively get one of our light stands to make this a memorial light and/or nightlight. 

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