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Zen Garden with Flower and Garden Stones

Funerary ArtDavid Blake
Zen Garden with Flower Stones

Zen Garden with Flower Stones

I always see people with their little Zen Gardens on their desks and figured I would get my own and play around with it.  I got a 'Deluxe Zen Garden' from Toysmith and opened it up.  It was fun to play around with the given rake and what not to design patterns and place the stones and storks, then shake it up like a giant etch-a-sketch. 

Once I got that out of my system I added in our flower and garden stones with infused ash into the mix and did some photography.  It came out great and while I don't sell the Zen Garden, I think it's an interesting combinationproduct if you're looking for a peaceful and 'zen' way to remember your loved ones.