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Winning Poem for Facebook 5000th Fan Contest

contestsDavid Blake

We recently had a contest to celebrate our 5000th fan where fans entered in memorial poems to celebrate the life of a dearly departed.  This contest was won by Yvonne with a very touching poem to her sister - congrats Yvonne and thank you so much for sharing.

For my sis Elaine 5/25/56-7/31/08...when she passed away. She LOVED hummingbirds!!!

Angel on earth, heart of gold;
Life too soon taken, stories untold.

You will never be forgotten for all that you've done;
Always unselfish, never turning away anyone.

Second mother to my children, never a need;
Looked out for others without any greed.

"Auntie" to your beloved nephews and nieces;
Gave ALL your love in little pieces.

Hardworking woman, strong in every way;
Giving up your time to please others everyday.

You've always done for others all your life;
Listened intently without any strife.

Heart of gold, Goddess to all;
There for everyone when they would fall.

Words of wisdom, never afraid to speak out;
Loved all family and friends without a doubt.

The foundation of our family, never to forget your name;
Keep us in your heart, as we will do the same.

Don't be afraid, you've done all you can here;
Go be with our Father who will hold you near.

We all love you, more than words can ever say;
And we'll meet you in heaven, to collect our broken hearts someday.

Love, your sis Yvonne