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Flower Vase Memorial with Nightwirl Touchstone

Funerary Art, FlowersDavid Blake

I was shopping in HEB and saw a really nice vase and wanted to share a bit of an art project.   I took about 20' of brass wire and wire wrapped the bottom of the vase flange and then added on a small heart pendant.  Below that I took a night swirl touchstone and a bit of museum putty.  Making sure the surface of the vase was dry, I tacked on the touchstone under the heart to make this lovely vase into a memorial vase.

Cost of vase:  $15
Cost of wire: $2.50
Cost of flowers: $20
Cost of Nightswirl: $79

Another variation of this concept is hanging a pendant off of the vase; in this case I took about 10" of silver chain and a flower pendant.

Cost of vase:  $15
Cost of chain: $3.50
Cost of flowers: $20
Cost of Pendant: $76

vase with keepsake flower touchstone

Just one of the many ways you can work our pendants and touchstones into existing home decor themes.