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Memorial Cat Keepsake Ornaments with Cremation Ash

Cat Keepsake Jewelry and Memorial Glass containing Cremation Ash

Cat Keepsake Jewelry and Memorial Glass containing Cremation Ash

We created Spirit Pieces Memorial Glass and Keepsake Jewelry to help with the grieving process by creating a work of art connecting the spirit of your dearly departed cat with the physical remnants of their mortal coil, namely the cremains.   After cremation, many people struggle what to do with the cat cremains.  Often they are literally left holding a bag of cremains, or a cheap wooden urn that ends up in the back closet.  We believe there's a better way to handle dog memorial keepsakes and the pet dog's ashes.

Enter Spirit Pieces Memorial Garden Ornaments.  We mix a small amount of cremains (less than a teaspoon) into each baseball sized orb with a range of colors.  The dog cremain ash is visible in the glass but subtly so. The colored glass with ash is semi-translucent so when the sun hits it the sparkle will fill the yard.  

Largely weather safe (other than large hail) they are a wonderful way to celebrate your dog's life outside.  Place in the backyard off a tree where they frolicked or off a garden awning where they kept you company day after day.  Great for inside bay windows and bedroom windows as well.

Since we use so little of the cremains from the cat's cremation, providing a Spirit Piece to all those, from family to friends, who knew your best friend is feasible.  A standing discount of 10% applies for any purchase for 5 or more Spirit Piece Memorial Glass Keepsake Ornaments.  These handmade glass garden orbs make for amazing pet sympathy gifts for the grieving family they will treasure forever.   A great alternative to cremation keepsake jewelry, these orbs help make the loss of a pet a bit more bearable.  These make for beautiful pet loss sympathy gifts for those who recently lost a pet and are looking for help through the grieving process.

"Thank you so much for the three Glimmer Orbs of Brady, they made Christmas that much easier and my sisters loved them! "
--- J.P., Update New York

Memorial Keepsake Jewelry for Cats

If you're looking for keepsake jewelry, please consider our line of handmade glass pendants that contain cremation ash and/or hair.  Most of our memorial keepsake pendants are about an inch long and are a perfect keepsake for your cat's ashes or fur.  Many colors and styles are available both for personal purchase and as a pet loss sympathy gift for those who recently lost their cat.

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Member in Good Standing Since 2015