Bamboo Cremation Burial Urn

By Spirit Pieces, LLC

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The eco burial™ is the new eco-friendly way to bury the ashes of a loved one! This all-natural, patent pending burial urn is made from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and is simple and easy to use.  It can be buried in a garden, forest, a natural burial cemetery, or anywhere else you see fit!   This lovely bio-degradable bamboo burial urn is made in Colorado.

How eco burial™ works...

To load:

  1. Remove wood locking pin, then remove top
  2. Gently pour cremated remains in the water soluble bag provided, and place the bag with the remains in the urn
  3. Place top back on and line up locking pin holes in the 'closed' position
  4. Place locking pin back in hole to secure top to base

To bury:

  1. Dig a hole that is at least the same diameter as the eco burial urn at your desired depth
  2. Carefully lower the eco burial urn into the ground
  3. Cover with topsoil

eco burial™ is available in one size (220 cu. in.), large enough to fit 100% of the cremated remains of most people.  It is 8” tall x 6” Diameter.  A biodegradable certificate is listed here if needed.

**For Domestic Customers Only **

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