Glass Cremation Urns, Paperweights and Memorial Jewelry

Remember Through Art

Duke University Memorial Gardens

memorial garden, cemeteryDavid Blake

Duke University Memorial Garden is a wonderful resting place for any Duke Alumni who have reached their final reward.  Part of Duke University Gardens, the memorial gardens offer meandering paths and beautiful landscape.  A known place on campus for peace and serenity, a permanent recognition is available for a donation of $25,000 to the Duke Endowment Fund. 

Powell Memorial Gardens, Missouri

memorial gardenDavid Blake

Powell Gardens in Kingsville, Missouri has a lovely memorial garden in the back of the Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel.  For a donation, families can scatter ashes on the grounds.  A beautiful place for ash scattering, families also receive a bronze plaque on a memorial wall.  The garden has a meandering path and is lined with native wildflowers, red-buds and lofty oaks.

Locked in Art Cremation Jewelry

cremation art, funeral art, jewelryDavid Blake

Located in Prescott, Arizona, LockedInArt is a provider of high end cremation jewelry, custom made for each family.  A family run business, Patti and Roman have been creating cremation jewelry since the untimely death of their dog Ike, in 2011.  Now sold nationwide online and in select funeral homes, they provide earrings, pendants and broaches containing a small amount of ash from pets and people mixed into the glass elements of their work.

Infusion Art Cremation Jewelry

jewelryDavid Blake

Infusion Glass, an Etsy Store, was founded in 2008 by Joele Williams in Wilderville, Oregon.  Her line of silver Dichroic glass rings and pendants with infused cremains are great fit for people who appreciate the Dichroic glass art form.  Joele started working with cremains in glass when a family friend's father passed.