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Crystal Resin Paperweights with Cremains

Crystal Resin Rainbow Healing Crystal with Cremains

This stunning rainbow healing crystal contains multiple layers of colored sand, sparkles and cremains bonded together with crystal clear resin to make this wonder home decor memorial pendant.    Uses about 1/4th a teaspoon of cremains which is a grey layer between the wider color bands.  Free standing with a flat base.

This pendant paperweight is 4" long by 3/4" in diameter and weighs a few ounces.  Made by Oksana, they are returned within 2-4 weeks of being sent in. Ships from Oregon.

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Crystal Resin Rose Paperweight with Lock of Hair
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This amazing Crystal Resin Rose Paperweights incorporate a real rose along with a lock ofhair from your beloved.  This image should be take as a representation of the paperweight and craftsmanship involved, however due to the individual nature of every rose and lock of hair, placement and appearance of the hair and petals will differ.   Bubbles may be present in this solid crystal resin paperweight.

Weights around 2 lbs, 4" in diameter.  Comes with wood base (permanently attached)  A collection kit is sent for the hair; once returned your rose paperweight will be ready in 2-4 weeks.  This wondrous paper weight is made by Oksana.

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Pyramid Dandelion with Infused Ash Heart and Hydrangeas

This crystal resin pyramid paper weight will blow your mind.  Contained within is an actual Dandelion paired with Blue Hydrangeas.  A small heart of cremains has been created and placed within.  Paired with the cremation ash heart is a small 10mm metal heart with, in this picture, 'Mom' stamped on it.  Alternate stamped hearts are available (see listing).  This pyramid is 3" tall.

This amazing crystal resin creation is make by Oksana, you can see more of her work here.  Like all our products, this is eligible for up to 20% off on larger purchases.  If ordering from other artists you may need to send out additional kits as our artists are not co-located.

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