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15% Sale on New Keepsake Pedants by Misha Through March 6th

15% Sale on New Keepsake Pedants by Misha Through March 6th

We're super excited to announce Misha is joining the Spirit Pieces Artist Collective. Misha has been blowing glass since 1995 and currently resides in Redding, CA. She finds her passion in making memorial marbles and pendants; of special note are all the pendants pictured here include a small amount of ash from her beloved father who passed earlier in the year.

In celebration of her joining the Spirit Pieces site and our extensive line of cremation jewelry, for the next 7 days her Handmade Borosilicate Glass Pendants with a small amount of ash from your loved ones will be 15% off their regular retail price. You can find her pendants on sale here.


"Thank you for allowing me the privilege of helping you and your loved ones find peace. Memorial art is my most personal and valued body of work, and I feel very blessed to have the skills necessary to offer this service to others. Your loved one's cremains will be treated as sacred and with as much love, respect, and consideration as I give my own family, friends, and pets." ~ Misha

Glass Keepsake Cremation Pendants by Misha



These glass memorial pendants are great focal elements for any cremation necklace or memorial jewelry necklace.  We've found people enjoy keeping the ash in the glass close to their heart.  For dog owners and cat owners who recently lost their pet these a wonderful keepsakes of your dog or cat to wear. 

The glass pendents with ash are water safe and the cremains are mixed into the glass itself.  A beautiful reminder of those who died and can't be with us anymore.  Makes for a great bereavement jewelry gift as well; we will send a sympathy box to the family on your behalf with instructions of how to send us the cremains for mixing into the glass pendant.

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