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Cremation Jewelry For Loved Ones Ashes - Buyer's Guide

unique cremation jewelry

Losing a loved one is always difficult as you can no longer hug them hello or tell them how your day went.  But with cremation jewelry,  you can keep them close to the heart and share your day with them.  There are some things you do want to think about when getting cremation jewelry.

Cremation Jewelry Categories

The first is material.  The most popular choice of material is Sterling Silver.  The most common inclusion in a silver memorial pendant or ring is a resin based material, either a 2-part or UV activated.  Other silver cremation rings have glass elements embedded within (usually a marble) or cremation ash actually baked into the silver.

Picking the Right Cremation Jewelry Material

If you're occasionally wearing a ring to dinner and then taking it off, a resin based ring would be fine; however if you're working with tools and banging up your hands then a glass silver ring would be the best option.

With cremation pendants, you need to keep in mind are you spending a lot of time in the sun or going swimming as glass will hold up best in these conditions. In general, you never want to wear any cremation jewelry in salt water, it's bad for the silver, and for our resin rings with cremation ash also quite corrosive.

Cremation Jewelry Styles

Generally, you want to pick a style that you like and that you already wear a lot; by extension you'll be picking something you know you'll be OK wearing without dinging, tangling or loosing since you're already used to wearing it.  If you lean toward a particular color palette be sure to get a complimentary color so you can use your jewelry in as many outfits as possible.

Finding Unique Cremation Jewelry

Here at Spirit Pieces we have a wide selection of unique cremation jewelry to help cover all styles and wearing habits. Check them out now!

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