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Gifting Pet Cremation Jewelry

yellow tulip pendant with cremation ash as a gift

First, it's a wonderful thought to be getting pet memorial jewelry for your friend in their time of need.  With that said be sure they are open to the gift as sometimes receiving cremation jewelry can be a tricky subject.   

Some considerations:

  • Are they having their pet cremated?
  • Did the pet crematory seal with urn?
  • What symbolic aspect of the pet can you represent with jewelry?
  • Are there any religious aspects that may cause problems (some people don't believe in separating cremation ashes.)
  • Are there any metal allergies?

We understand the desire to make such a bereavement gift a total surprise, but we still do suggest discussing the subject with your friend to see if they are open to receiving cremation jewelry.  

If you aren't sure exactly what your friend would like, we suggest getting them a gift card so they can choose what works for them.

As to the actual kit preparation, we find in most cases if you can help your friend with separating the ashes, that's always appreciated.  With that said, please do make sure you have permission to access the ashes.

We hope this guide is useful.  If you have any questions contact us at hello@spiritpieces.com

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