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Memorialize Me

Memorialize Me

I had the pleasure to talk to local Austin company called Memorialize Me.  Jaan Leemet, the founder, started MemorializeMe to help solve the problem of survivors identifying the various legal and social accounts held by the departed.  By having a centralized document location, the family doesn't have to go through the painful experience of painstakingly searching through desks and drawers for statements (made even more difficult now that so many places do electronic notification.)

Additionally, MemorializeMe allows for users to record audio and video messages to be released on a timed schedule to family members and friends.  This is a great service, especially for those who know they won't be around for a big event like a wedding or birthday.

Finally, for survivors, MemorializeMe has a series of tools to help create online multi-media memorials to those they loved and lost.  These can be shared with others and can be a wonderful exercise to help the grieving process along.

Check it out!


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