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My First Bead at Blue Moon Glass Studio Austin Texas

My First Bead at Blue Moon Glass Studio Austin Texas

I've spent the last few weeks talking to amazing Lampworkers from England to New Zealand as we prepare to release our Spirit Pieces Memorial Jewelry Line March 1st.  In that time, I've seen amazing beads, pendants and other glass elements that simply blow your mind!  Inspired, I signed up for a bead making class at Austin's very own Blue Moon Glass Studio.  

In business for 15 years, owners Jim and Rose Berry have created an beacon for the craft of lampworking and stained glass in Austin.  I signed up for a 3 hour bead making lesson with Lisa, one of their amazing instructors. 

It was a very interesting experience working with molten glass; it's sort of like toothpaste in the goopyness of it all; except this toothpaste is 1800F!!  After learning how to adjust the flame, properly melt the glass, and not set myself on fire it was go time - and above is my very first bead!!!

Over all it was a very informative experience and highly recommend the class.  It also gave me a deep appreciation for all the wonderful work I've been seeing out there in the Lampworkingcommunity.  Over the next few weeks, I hope to start sharing examples of beads with cremation ash mixed in along with pendants holding cremains and other jewelry styles that will make up our cremation jewelry and cremation necklace line.

- Dave

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