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New Pictures of Confetti's and Glimmers

New Pictures of Confetti's and Glimmers

Glass Orb with Infused Ash from Cremation.

It's hot here in Texas and it's getting harder and harder to make it through a tennis match unless you play super early in the day.  And it's gonna get hotter!  But fortunately it wasn't yet 105 degrees by the time I finished playing with my Saturday morning crew at Travis Park in Austin so I was able to get some new pictures in of Confetti's and Glimmers. 

We have a new mix we're now using that has more reds and oranges to offset the greens; above is an example of this mix.   You can see small ropes of cremation ash within the matrix; we have a few more pictures in the product listing you can see this effect better of the ash in the glass.

Below you can see a picture of one of the glimmers; it's a blue & green glass option which is a popular option for people.  There's a little bit of extra sparkle in this one as we were experimenting mixing dichroic glass with the cremains, however we won't be offering dichroic glass as a standard option; for special request only.

glass orb with infused ashes

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