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Perkins Memorial Tower Photo Shoot

Perkins Memorial Tower Photo Shoot

Hanging Cat Eye

One of my favorite places up in NY is Perkin's Memorial Tower on the top of Bear Mountain Park.  To get there, you need to take a long steep winding road up to the top of the mountain up Perkin's Memorial Drive.  While a bit on the scary side if you don't like steep roadside drops, the destination is well worth it.

I went up at the very peak of Fall and was rewarded with a simply amazing view of the Hudson Valley in full Fall foliage.

Rainbow Confetti Orb in the Fall

The terrain is semi-alpine with a lot of shorter trees and bushes. A lot of side trails weave in and out of the entire mountainside if you so do desire you can find ample places for solitude. The main parking area, though, is very popular and can become a bit crowded. You'll also want to try to go in the early morning if possible to minimize haze.

Rainbow Confetti Orb in front of Perkin's Tower

All-in-all I'm very happy I was finally able to do this shoot, especially in such lovely weather. I've been trying to do it for a while now so that's one shoot that's over the bucket list.

And bonus story; this is where I did my very first product shoot for the previous version of Spirit Pieces (no longer available.

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