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Scattering Cremation Ashes at Football Stadium

blue glass football with cremation ash sitting on stone bench

I recently read an article a full cremation urn at a golf course.  I suspect this happens more than we know, but given a golf club only may have a few hundred members the odds aren't so great in any given year.

However, football (American) stadiums are a different matter.  With hundreds of thousands of die hard fans, there's been many documented cases of scattering ashes on football fields; an example is after the 2013 Iron Bowl where a dedicated fan scattered the ashes after the conclusion of the game. 

Naturally, this is frowned upon by stadium staff, as not only is it a delicate situation to clean up (unlike water, cremation ashes aren't going to sink into the ground, let alone turf)  for cremation ashes is caustic at high levels to plant life.

For this reason, we suggest memorializing your loved one in a more private setting, such as scattering ashes into the ocean or in a memorial garden. You can also consider a middle ground of getting football themed cremation jewelry or urn necklace, such as we carry at Spiritpieces.

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