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The Forever Vacation Project

The Forever Vacation Project

Glass touchstone disk with infused ashes

If your dearly departed loved to travel the world, The Forever Vacation Project is a wonderful way to remember them. We offer 1" glass discs with infused ashes that can be discretely distributed when traveling. Take a couple on your trip to Alaska and distribute them among the meadows, take a couple more on your trip to Scotland and leave them by the castles on the moors.

This is meant to be a shared experience among family and friends so we offer bulk discounts on our pricing, up to 25% off for orders of 20 or more discs. If this sounds like a wonderful way to remember your loved ones, please feel free to read more about it on our The Forever Vacation Project page.

The amount of cremation ash needed for the touchstone discs is very small, roughly one teaspoon will be enough for 5 disks. They are available in multiple colors and styles; weights is roughly 1 ounce each.

Due to their solid glass nature and geometry these are quite hardy and can survive handling that would break more fragile glass objects like glasses and cups. As such, they will travel well and from a legal perspective are considered glass rather than cremains.

If you're looking to travel to a place the dearly departed loved to visit, or always talked about visiting, our memorial touchstones with cremation ash are a wonderful way to remember the loved one.

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