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Welcome to 2017

2016 ended up being a great year for Spirit Pieces. We launched over a dozen new products, got invited to showcase our goods at a number of local shows, and made a lot of Christmas Mornings a huge success. So we're super excited to start off 2017 with a bang with a number of new products. Today we finished launched Rachel's new paperweights.


We also finally launched our long awaited bullet line. We're still working on some awesome stands for these but they can be purchased separately


And we're just getting started!  By the end of January we hope to have launched our Hummingbirds with Cremation Ash along with some higher end jewelry products.  At some point, we'll start splitting this site up a bit to make it easier to navigate. With so many wonderful products people are starting to get lost and that's the last thing we want.  And as always, if you're looking for a product you can't find, please email use at hello@spiritpieces.com

Thank you for a great 2016 and looking forward to a wonderful 2017

Team Spirit Pieces

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