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Cremation Necklaces For Ashes of Pets and People

Memorials for People & Pets

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About Necklaces for Cremation Ashes

Spirit Pieces was founded in 2014 to help people grieving over the loss of family members and pets. We provide beautiful handmade memorial art and memorial cremation jewelry for ashes. Since our founding, we've worked with over 80,000 families to help them through the grieving process. Our ash necklaces help keep your loved ones close to heart and home.

We offer over 250 cremation necklaces and memorial jewelry pendants for ash. Cremation ash is added into the molten glass and suspended within once the glass solidifies. Various patterns and colors are added during the process leading to many different designs of our necklaces for cremation ash.

If you are interested in necklace to hold ashes of people or pets rest easy in knowing all our jewelry can use ashes of pets or people as the cremation ashes the same material in either case.

Ashes are fully encased within the necklaces for ash. Once ashes are added they effectively become part of the cremation pendant and can not be separated out. Only a small amount of ash is needed to create any particular necklace for ash. In general, we'll be asking for only 1/4th a teaspoon of ash per urn necklace.

Our memorial necklaces for ashes are perfect for both pet cremation jewelry and people cremation jewelry. Jewelry made from ashes is also know as ashes keepsake or cremation jewelry. The best cremation jewelry is unique in nature, our glass, resin and keepsake urn jewelry is all handmade.

All our artists are based in North America. Artists are not co-located so if you order cremation necklaces with ash from multiple artists multiple kits will be needed to be sent in. If you are working with Jonathan (Canada) we'll have you send the pet ashes or person ashes into our Austin Office.  

What are Necklaces for Ashes

Cremation of pets or people yields cremation ash, from which necklaces for ash can be made. The material for these necklaces can range from glass, resin, wood and silver. The common element is a small amount of cremation ash is added into the necklace.

Spirit Pieces carries both infused (meaning fused into) and non-infused necklaces for ashes. Ashes from both people and pets can be used to make ash necklaces and cremation urn necklaces.

Due to the (fortunate) case that for most people they only learn about necklaces for ashes at the time of a loved ones demise, it may surprise you to learn people have been wearing ashes in jewelry through the eons. Jewelry with cremation ash that's hundreds of years old exists and speaks to the power and longevity of this type of memorial for your loved ones ashes.

Care of Necklaces for Ashes

Generally, you want to care for your necklaces for ashes much like you would any other item of jewelry you own. The presence of cremation ash doesn't change this. As a general rule, avoid chemically treated water or salt water, which will quickly corrode any sterling silver elements (and likely stainless steel elements.)

Cremation Jewelry Pendants should be treated with the care your memorial jewelry deserves. This means avoiding rough care and if you're heavy on your hands only wearing when in non-hand intensive situations.

If you silver necklace urn gets tarnished, use a small polishing cloth. If your resin jewelry (i.e. opal angel wing memorial pendants) starts getting dulled, a quick wipe of car polish will resolve it. Otherwise a quick dunk and buffing with soapy water and a rinse will keep your necklaces for ashes like new.

Ordering Necklaces for Ashes

All our cremation jewelry shown on this page is handmade ash jewelry. When you order we send you a free collection filling kit to the put the ashes into glass urn pendants. Collection kits are labeled with your order details. Each artist has work flow to keep your order/cremation ashes separate from all other orders. 

The perceived appearance of a memorial cremation necklace for ashes is dependent on the type of lighting and intensity of lighting. We take our pictures in direct sunlight; if you bring the pendants for ashes inside they will look duller.

Click on the listing pictures below for ashes jewelry information and how to order. We offer up to 20% discounts for family purchases and we offer free shipping of the kits and finished work to you. We can be reached at 512-886-2029 or by email at if you have questions about any particular memorial necklace .

Is it Weird to Wear Ashes in a Necklace?

We don't think so (obviously.) We do realize it's a bit of a touchy subject for many but for what it's worth we do find many people who have purchased from us receive an immense amount of joy and relief having their loved ones close to the heart in their memorial necklace.

It's also worth mentioning our necklaces with cremation ash only have a small pinch of cremation ash within so in most cases, unless you explicitly mention it, others won't know what your wearing and will have to reason to judge you on it.

Is Cremation Jewelry a Sin?

Cremation is one of those topics that can fall into the religious realm of concern. First, wearing cremation jewelry is totally legal and cremation ash itself is not a controlled substance in regards to possession (it's come up!) Most religions don't have a strong position on cremation jewelry or the parceling out of cremation ash. The exceptions are Catholics and the Orthodox Jewish sect.

The Catholic church has taken the position ashes should only be buried and not separated. We should note this is a new position for the church, only several years old. Rather, it's the official position, prior to this it just wasn't on their radar so we don't know if it's a change in position or an unadvertised position.

The Orthodox Jewish sect doesn't permit cremation at all, as from a traditional standpoint burial is much preferred. In this they seem to be the same as Catholics where cremation rituals are most based in tradition than any biblical aspect. In fact, with the very well known verse being 'from dust to dust' we believe cremation is fully aligned with both religious groups.


Can you Mix Cremation Ashes into Cremation Necklaces?

Yes, you certainly can do this. You would just mix the ashes from both sets (or more) into the collection vial prior to sending the ashes in. You may though just want to make a note of this for the artist as more context is always better than less.