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Final Vacation

Memorials for People & Pets

Spirit Pieces started back in 2008 as a project for my MBA entrepreneurial class.  Dubbed at that time 'Final Vacation' it was conceptualized as ash scattering service where ashes from loved ones could be scattered in inspiring locations the deceased would have loved.

In light of the original idea, I'm excited to announce the 'Forever Vacation Project.'   We are offering bulk discounts on our participating memorial stones with infused ash from the dearly departed.

If you travel, or have friends and family who travel,  this is a great way to celebrate the memory of your loved ones.  Give each traveler a stone and have them leave by the castles of Scotland, along the Venice Canals or the slopes of Kilimanjaro.   

This is a great way to have a larger group of people physically celebrate the life of the departed in a deeply personal and spiritual way.  To order, simply purchase them off our site (see below.)  We'll send you a collection kit for the ashes and after that is sent in you'll receive your stones within 2-4 weeks.  We use about a teaspoon of ash for every 8 stones.  Up to 20% off for friends and family purchases.

Ordering for a family? Get up to 20% off your family order.