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Memorials for People & Pets

Marlena Jarjoura has been digging quartz crystals since she was a child and her love for the stones she digs is what influenced her to create the wire wrapped jewelry that she produces today. Her pieces all start out the same: a stone and wire, representations of what raw nature looks like and nature influenced by humans. The two come together to create a symbol, a relic of the synergy that exists between us and our environment, from birth to death. Marlena spends hours on pieces, often sitting in silence, allowing the motions of her hands to place her heart and mind into a restful, observant, reflective space. She lives in the middle of the Texas hill country in a little off-grid cabin, where she is able to work amidst the restful solitude of nature, and is grateful for the opportunity to share her art in such a meaningful way through Spirit Pieces.
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