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Sterling Silver Urn Necklaces for Ashes

Memorials for People & Pets

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About Urn Jewelry

Urn necklaces for ashes are wonderful for those looking to keep their dearly departed loved ones close to the heart. Necklaces for cremation ash hold under 1/2 a teaspoon of ash and are suitable for keepsake reminders of those pets and people you're looking to memorialize. We are classifying urn necklaces as necklaces where you add the ashes yourself at home verses having ashes fused into solid material.

Urn Keepsake necklaces come in a wide range of styles, prices and materials. Necklaces range from stainless steel and aluminum keepsake urns you can find on Amazon for $10-$12 dollars each to fabricated 24 caret solid gold keepsake urns made by premium memorial jewelry providers such as Spirit Pieces.

Materials for Urn Jewelry

The following is a list of the material used for cremation jewelry for ashes. Please note this list is for necklaces and pendants where you can add the ashes yourself at home into the keepsake jewelry.

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Sterling Silver (Rhodium, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Plated)
  • Gold (Rose Gold, Yellow Gold) in 14K, 18K and 24K purities
  • Glass
  • Acrylic/Crystal Resin
  • Wood Turned
  • Porcelain

We've not yet seen standalone Titanium keepsake urn jewelry or Meteor keepsake urn jewelry, but we suspect it's out there somewhere.

Cremation Urn Jewelry Motifs

Some of the common motifs we've seen with keepsake jewelry are angel wing urn jewelry, hummingbird urn necklaces and dragonfly keepsake jewelry. Another popular motif carried by a lot of providers is angel wing cremation jewelry pendants.

Unique cremation jewelry examples would be honeycomb filigree urns and Sterling Silver Heart keepsake urns paired with semi-precious aspects like Amethyst urn jewelry carried by us.

Another option buyers of urn pendants and cremation urn necklaces could consider is to start with a simple silver pendant holding a small amount of cremation ash, and build your own memorial necklace concept from there. We offer a fine collection of silver charms you can add to a necklace, turning a pretty yet somewhat generic keepsake pendant into a more unique offering. A simple search on google should yield plenty of options to purchase charms, such as these lovely photo charms.

Urn Jewelry Care

The care for cremation urn jewelry is generally the same as it would be for your other quality jewelry, with a few caveats. Cremation urn jewelry is hollow and holds the cremation ashes of your beloved loved one. As such, you want to avoid submerging in jewelry cleaning solutions.

For metallic silver and gold cremation pendants you should use a silver polishing cloth. You can find this online or at your local crafting store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

Acrylic or glass cremation necklaces or cremation bracelets that have a small keepsake charm with ashes can be cleaned with a quick wipe by a soapy warm soft cloth. This will remove any residual from the urn necklace and associated aspects.

Sunlight generally is not a problem for metal or glass urn keepsake jewelry, but if your urn necklace is made from acrylic ideally keep it away from intense direct sunlight. And with all jewelry other than stainless steel, if you're going swimming please take off your urn jewelry, it will not do well in chlorine or salt water. Glass urn necklaces, while not similarly affected, should also be taken off as if it somehow detaches you don't want you or someone else to step on it.

Where to find Urn Jewelry

Urn Necklaces and Urn Keepsake pendants can be a bit difficult to find in your local boutique or big box store. Given it's a rarer purchase, most stores do not stock it. You might be in luck if you check out your local jewelry store, but we've found most we've checked with do not carry cremation jewelry of any type.

These days, most urn necklaces sold are sold online. We at Spirit Pieces carry a wide range of urn keepsake pendants and infused cremation jewelry, but we're not the only provider (though we like to think we're the best memorial art store out there!)

You have a few options when searching for cremation urn necklaces. You can visit sites like Amazon and Walmart, generally those will carry cheaper factory made options. For higher quality you can visit Etsy Cremation Jewelry, though lately we've unfortunately found a lot of factory made keepsake urns crowding out the handmade memorial jewelry historically found there.

We suggest if not us, you visit some of the other smaller non-aggregator sites out there. A quick google with relevant keywords will present some options. Half of the top ten search results for cremation jewelry do return companies that also sell cheaper imported jewelry, but some, like us, sell higher end memorial jewelry made of silver and gold, along with other material's.

Other Options than Urn Keepsake Necklaces

Sometimes buying or gifting jewelry for cremation ash isn't the best option, or an option, given the nature of the occasion. For these situations, you can consider sympathy jewelry that has a motif such as a dragonfly or hummingbird. Both these creatures have heavy symbolism related to death and passing on, and can carry as much emotional value to the end recipient as a pendant containing cremation ash.

About Us

Spirit Pieces is a premium provider of Sterling Silver and Gold Keepsake Urn Necklaces for remembrance of people and pets. We've been selling to those who wish to keep loved ones close to the heart since 2015. With over 90,000 families provided to, and over 12,000 five star reviews, you know you can trust us with your urn jewelry needs to remember your loved ones.

Our urn jewelry generally will ship within 1-2 weeks of your order being placed. We will ship first class USPS unless otherwise instructed. Shipping of our urn jewelry is free for families in the United States, however do charge shipping for international orders and custom fees may be assessed upon arrival.

We offer a 30 day warrantee on our urn jewelry from receipt. Our home office is in beautiful Austin, Texas.