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Tree of Life Memorials

Memorials for People & Pets

Ordering for a family? Get up to 20% off your family order.

Our Tree of Life with Ashes Memorials honor the memory of your nature loving loved ones; these tree of life memorials are all made with love. Each wire memorial tree is handmade over several hours and with several dozen yards of copper wiring. Cremated remains of pets or people are mixed into the glass orb nestled underneath the tree canopy.

Our memorial tree of life with ashes memorials can be purchased as bundles, meaning memorial tree + memorial orb, or individually. If the memorial tree is marked as 'Tree Only' that is for just the tree. You can then add any 3" cremation paperweight/orb on the site to it.

Handmade wire tree of life memorials remember loved ones who enjoyed the outdoors and the varied trees that grace our lives. From pines to dogwood trees, you'll find that special tree to remember that special someone.

Planting a memorial tree with ashes? Our memorial tree of life creations only need 1/2 a teaspoon of human ashes or pet ashes to be created. The cremation ash is mixed into the molten glass at time of formation using artisan glass making techniques.

The rest of the ashes can be scattered via a living urn biodegradable bamboo urn. Alternatively, purchase a Living Urn memorial tree. This is a bundle of the bamboo urn and a living memorial tree shipped directly to your house.

Note cremation ash is harmful to trees if added in high concentrations. A bio urn is a eco friendly way to handle green burials as they are made to slowly biodegrade.

We suggest placing your memorial cremation artwork in a sunny spot in the home. Memorial glass is at its most beautiful in sunlight. The color will not fade from the memorial glass or copper wiring.

If you plant a tree with ashes, you can also consider our hanging cremation orbs to hang from the branches. This applies if you get a memorial tree urn for now, or plan on getting one later. Spirit Piece cremation orbs can be hung inside in sunny bay window or outside off a tree. It should note matter what type of tree you purchase for this usage.

We currently offer a wide range of memorials trees. We also offer tree of life jewelry and tree of life pendants. This includes our most popular wire wrapped tree of life pendant by Courtney.

As most of our tree of life products are over $300, automatic discounts will apply at checkout.

Spirit Pieces has been providing original handmade memorial artwork and cremation jewelry since 2016 and has been honored to work with over 80,000 families. For any questions, please reach out to us at or call 512-886-2029