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I literally cried when I received my completed Spirit Piece pet cremation jewelry!! It reminded me of all the beauty and memories my Rambo gave me for 12+ years. What better way to commemorate our relationship than turning a little piece of him into art!!

— Megan

Cremation Jewelry

In 2014 Spirit Pieces was founded to help people grieving over the loss of family members and pets with lovely handmade art and memorial jewelry. Owner Dave Blake was inspired to create Spirit Pieces after the death of his Grandmother. He made it his mission to bring beauty into the space and help people in the difficult time after the loss of a loved one.

Spirit Pieces now offers over 1,000+ memorials with cremation ash. From glass cremation jewelry in glass to cremation pendants with flowers we have something for everyone. The cremation ash is mixed into the cremation jewelry with various colors and designs added in to give depth and beauty.  

Click the pictures for additional product details. We offer up to 20% discounts for family purchases. Read how to order and/or some of our 10,000+ customer reviews. The vast majority of our products use half a teaspoon of ash or less and are returned to you in about 6 weeks unless otherwise specified.

We work with a network of artists to bring you the best of cremation jewelry with ashes. We're very proud to bring you so many unique cremation jewelry options, and we're always looking for new artists to work with. If you have a favorite artist, let us know!

Want a catalog? Email us at with subject 'Catalog Request' and include your address.

For more options, check out these helpful links

Sterling Silver Urn Necklaces

Looking for keepsake jewelry where you add in the ashes yourself, vs having to submit the ashes into Spirit Pieces to be added? If so, our line of silver urn jewelry is a likely fit for you.

Cremation Jewelry for Men

Cremation Jewelry on Sale

Popular Cremation Jewelry


Cremation Jewelry by Type


Cremation Jewelry Care

Silver Cremation Jewelry

Our silver jewelry is for the most part .925 Sterling Silver. Often you'll find the silver will slowly tarnish and turn darker. Sometimes you'll see it turn dark quickly, this is often due to unique body chemistry and/or something in the environment.

To treat silver tarnish, please use a polishing cloth and gently rub the tarnished areas. This will quickly shine it up like new. Please avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or salt/chorine water as this will damage your silver cremation jewelry.

Resin Cremation Jewelry

Resin jewelry is a type of polymer plastic. As such, it needs to be worn with more care than our silver or glass jewelry. Generally avoid exposure to harsh conditions or sunlight as it may dull the finish. Hand sanitizer is particularly rough on our memorial resin jewelry. We suggest avoiding chlorine and salt-water to avoid damage to the silver.

If your resin jewelry becomes blurry, it is usually due to small pits that form on the surface. If you have it, car wax will resurface the pendant. You can also try a gentle buffing motion against a micro-cloth. If that doesn't work, contact us as we can likely add a thin layer of resin on the surface.

Glass Cremation Jewelry

Our glass jewelry is in some ways the most resilient category of our cremation jewelry, and in others the most fragile. We use borosilicate glass to encase the ashes, this is a shatter resistant glass much like your microwavable cookware. It will be ok if you drop on a rug, the ground or the beach, but if you drop on rocks or tiles it may break, most often at the loop. If it breaks, please contact us as often we can repair a broken loop.

To clean your glass cremation jewelry, soapy water is more than sufficient. It can be worn in chlorine pools, though we suggest against this as there's the general rule of not taking glass into swimming pools. If your chain is silver, it may also be damaged.

Our Return Policy

Silver jewelry can be returned for a full refund within 30 days if cremation ashes haven't been added. Other pendants can not be returned as the cremation ash is mixed within the pendant and can not be separated. For more on our return policy, please read our return policy here.