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How to Order Tab

Ordering a Spirit Piece is Super Simple:

  1. Add what items you want to your cart
  2. Check out via the shopping cart icon
  3. Pay for your purchase by credit card, paypal or payment plan
  4. We ship you the collection kit free of charge, along with any accessories.
  5. We'll generally have everything back to you within 6 weeks of the artist receipt of the kit.

Handling The Cremation Ash is Easy and Quick

  1. We provide a small spatula to transfer the ashes to the tube. 
  2. Takes no more than a minute.
  3. Vial seals securely.

If you are uncomfortable handling ashes (very understandable) you can ask a friend or your local funeral home if they will do this step for you and/or prepare little baggies with the proper amount to include along side the vial in the sample baggie.   If you take this approach, just be sure to write your name and order number on the baggie.

Ideally cremation ash should be shipped to us USPS Priority Express as per the postal service regulations on shipping cremains; we'll accept shipments if they arrive to us otherwise.

We unfortunately do not cover the cost of shipping the kits back to us; if you're sending to multiple artists you will need pay for each kit. If you are ordering multiple items from a single artist you would only send one kit for all products from that artist.  

The ash will appear as small light grey specks along with occasional bubbles. If there is extra ash left over we can either scatter locally or return the ash to you via priority express mail as per your instruction (additional costs will apply.)

Please keep in mind these are handmade just for you so there will be slight differences from piece to piece. Please note that if you order across styles you will be ordering from multiple artists so you may have to send out multiple kits.

All products can be infused with ash from both people and pets. We can combine ashes from multiple pets/people in one piece (mixing of ashes occurs on customer side.)

The kits are good for 18 months, there is no need to wait to have the ashes physically accessable before ordering the kit.  We suggest having the kit ready for the ashes once they become available.

Looking for more help? Visit our help page at help.spiritpieces.com