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Return Policy

Superseded by REFUND POLICY 10.10.22

We offer a 30 day money-back warranty and/or replacement of the memorial for breakage with photographic evidence of breakage.  All our infused memorials are handmade on demand; as such all items will be similar, but will not be the same, as images on the website or video. Exact sizing, color distribution, bubbles (presence, location, size or lack of), inscriptions (if applicable) and ash placement are all variable piece to piece. Any such variations in color (hues) and characteristics occurring in these products do not, and shall not, constitute a defect in the quality or appearance of the product, and customers purchasing such items agree and accept such naturally occurring variations. Returns and refunds will not be considered for aesthetic issues, for errors in ordering incorrectly or items damaged after receipt by customer.

In addition, we require all collection kits for infused memorials be returned as soon as possible, but in no event later than eighteen (18) months from the date of acceptance of your order. If you have not returned the collection kit within such time: (i) we will have no obligation whatsoever to fulfill the related cremains-infused memorial order upon any subsequent return of the collection kit; (ii) the full purchase price for such order shall be released with no obligation for refund; and (iii) you release all claims you may have against us in connection with such order, and in connection with any collection kit subsequently returned to us, or the disposal thereof.

If cancelling an order prior to the production of the memorial a $10 cancellation fee will be applied against your order. If stands were ordered and are being returned as well the cost of shipping the item is to be borne by the customer. All refunds will be applied against your existing order; refunds will appear on the credit card 3-5 days after applied.

For jewelry and non-infused products a full refund (excluding shipping) will be applied once the products are returned to Spirit Pieces.

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