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Shared Grieving through Art

Dealing with a loss is one of the most challenging events we experience, and the death of a loved one is an event we all share in common.  Services like Griefshare help navigate through the stages of grief and associated feelings by helping individuals understand grieving is a natural part of being a survivor. 

Here at Spirit Pieces we help facilitate shared grieving by offering significant discounts when purchasing for families.  It is our belief having a tangible item that is physically connected to a loved one (in this case jewelry and home decor infused with cremation ash) helps facilitate healing and furthers conversations about the dearly departed. 

Whether you purchase from us or not, we encourage exploring your grief through artistic expression, be it purchased or something you make by hand.  Be it written, sculpted or painted, art therapy can be very useful when processing death and your feelings of loss. 

- Dave, Owner, Spirit Pieces