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Stories Behind the Purchases

We're blessed to work with families to remember their loved ones.  Sometimes we get stories shared about their loved ones and why a specific piece so fit their memories.  Here's a collection of such stories:

From John:

The ducky from Dan Neff arrived today. I thought you might be interested in why the ducky means so much to me, so I've attached the photo & text I sent to my family. MNS (Mom Nana Sue) is family shorthand for Sue, my wife of 60 years.

This is a hand-blown glass ducky that contains some of MNS's ashes. There is a back story as to why this piece is so beautiful to me. We were married in Madison with about $14.78 & a Philadelphia bus token to our names. Our honeymoon was overnight in a sleazy motel in Lake Geneva, WI. The next day we went to a fair on the lake, the highlight of which was grabbing rubber ducks at a booth. For a quarter we were guaranteed a very special prize determined by the number on the ducky's underside. And, yep, no wedding present was more special than the "whatever" we gave each other that morning. "Grabbing ducks" became a touchstone reference throughout our marriage.

flowers and ducky