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Hanging Memorial Planter for Succulents and Air Plants

By Filip (See more by Filip)

Ordering for a family? Read how to get up to 20% off Family Ordering.


This lovely handmade hanging glass air planter has been infused with the cremains of your loved one, making it a beautiful way to keep them close to you. Unlike a vase, this piece has a hole in the bottom to allow for drainage so that your plant or succulent won't be overwatered. Please note that this purchase does not include a plant or potting kit.  


  • We ask for approximately 1/2 teaspoon of cremains.
  • This piece measures 4.5" in diameter.
  • Eligible for up to 20% off for larger family purchases.
  • Ships within 4-6 weeks of collection kit's return.
  • For information on ordering and discounts, add to cart and look over our How To Order page.
  • Free shipping covers sending you the kit and Spirit Piece. You're still responsible for paying to send the cremains back.