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Living Memorial Tree with Biodegradable Burial Urn


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  • This memorial is suitable for the ashes of pets or people.

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  • This item takes approximately 6 weeks to ship after receiving your ash kit.

Please note that this listing is for domestic customers only.


Spirit Pieces has partnered with a Colorado startup to bring this innovative product to your backyard! Upon purchase, we will send you a voucher for a 2-4’ sapling (species dependent) from a wide selection of tree species. The urn will be delivered within 2 weeks, and the tree will be shipped separately from a local nursery. The burial urn has been specially designed to neutralize the high acidity of cremation ash, and to maximize the success of the sapling.


Each burial urn package includes the following:

  • A special biodegradable urn, made from recycled plant materials and pressure (no chemicals or glues are used)
  • RootProtect®, a proprietary soil additive that counters certain properties of cremated remains in order to make the soil a more suitable environment for tree growth
  • Aged wood chips
  • Detailed, easy-to-follow planting instructions
  • Beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo urn casing for storage and presentation (ceremony) purposes
  • A voucher card for a 2-4' tree sapling of your choice, shipped directly from a nursery
  • 8" tall with a 6" diameter

A biodegradable certificate is listed here if needed.  If you're looking for our wire trees with ashes in glassclick on this link