Glass Cremation Urns, Paperweights and Memorial Jewelry

Remember Through Art

For the Home

Spirit Pieces are solid glass and look amazing when placed outdoors.  Hang them off a tree or woody bush and they will add sparkle and joy to your yard.  Suitable for winter and summer placement, we suggest taking inside if large hail is forecast.

Hang your Spirit Piece off an awning to keep it close to home.  This nautical themed Spirit Piece has found a lovely place by the poolside where the spirit of your loved one can enjoy gazing on family fun.

A Spirit Piece looks as lovely inside by a window as it does outside; if so an ornament hanger is a great direction to take.  You can find ornament hangers at local Home Decor stores and, of course, online.  The one above is 14" inches in height.

Treasure Chests

Here's a cool idea; put our 2" Memorial Glass Marbles in a treasure chest!  These 5" treasure chests look wonderful on any desk or mantle.