Glass Cremation Urns, Paperweights and Memorial Jewelry

Remember Through Art

In Memory of Loving Son Glass Ornaments and Gifts

Our Spirit Pieces are a wonderful way to remember a loving son.  Incorporate their favorite colors into the glass matrix along with a very small amount of your son's ashes (1/4) teaspoon.  The glass is infused with the ash grains and becomes an integral part of it.  When the sun hits the colors and ash, pure light is diffracted through the orbs into the room or the surrounding environment.  Read our testimonials about our orbs or check out our Garden Orbs and Orb Hummingbirds.  Orbs come in 2-3" diameters and paperweights, one hook and double hooks styles.  Buy Now

Pendants in Memory of a Son

Spirit Pieces also has a beautiful line of pendants, both those that you can include your son's ashes or a bit of hair from your son and cork it, and a line where your son's ashes can be mixed directly into the pendant.  For more on our pendants, visit this page.  Buy now

Poem for Death of a Son

The mourning, misty oak leaves weep
Warm dew drops falling from them sweep
Across cold stones in salty streams
Spent tears for Steven's broken dreams
Wolves howl under a death-pale moon
Dark sirens from the forest gloom
Black winds carry the raven's cry
Steve's severed spirit crossed the sky
Strong oak forest groans and grieves
For red drops dripping on its leaves
From a son who lies beneath the sod
In peaceful rest from loving God
The mourning oak tree sheds its tears
For laughter it no longer hears
Clear drops hang from limbs in sorrow
Drowns all dreams of hope tomorrow
Each night a father hangs his head
Against the dark, he cries eyes red
While Steven's dreams, in still-heart sleep
The oaks they haunt yet nightly weep
- Lawrence Bach