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2022 Christmas Deadlines

Orders will now ship on normal schedule and timelines.

Due to our turn-around times we do have deadlines significantly prior to most other shopping sites; it takes time to make each of these lovely handmade creations! Each artist has set their own deadline so if you order across multiple artists, be sure your order date is before the earliest artist, else you may get some pieces after Christmas.  

We will of course try to get every order placed back as fast as we can, so even if you placed your order a few days after a deadline the odds are still good we will get them to you prior to Christmas Day.  Do keep in mind these dates anticipate at December 23rd delivery and we may send with signature.  If you need an earlier delivery please adjust your order date accordingly. 

For more information about how to order check out our 'How to Order' page and/or our helpdesk.  Team Spirit Pieces wishes you a Happy and Healthy (early) Holiday Season!



Order by

Kit to artist by


October 10th October 20th
Angie November 21st December 1st


October 11th October 21st
Autumn November 20th November 30th
Barbara November 20th December 1st
Bryan October 28th November 7th


October 1st


Carol (trees only) --- October 20th


November 18th November 28th


November 21st

 December 1st


 November 5th

 November 15th


November 5th

November 15th

DavidC December 1st December 10th

Elena I.

November 21st

 December 1st

Erin November 13th November 23rd


November 14th

 November 24th


November 20th

 December 1st


November 20th December 1st
Jason November 20th November 30th


October 20th

 November 1st

Joe December 1st December 10th


November 1st

November 10th


November 5th and November 28th

November 15th if engraved, December 9th if not.
KC August 25th September 1st
Kelli November 22nd December 2nd
Kelli + Marlena November 10th November 20th
Luke November 5th November 15th
Michele December 1st December 10th

Mike H

November 21st

December 1st

Mike HD

November 1st

November 10th

Michael December 1st December 10th
Misha November 10th November 20th


November 25th

December 5th

Rachel December 1st December 10th
Randall November 5th November 15th
Robert (Engraved Work) November 20th November 30th
Robert (All Other Work) November 25th December 5th
Ryan November 23rd December 3rd

Susan (Trees)

--- November 26th


October 25th

November 5th


November 10th

 November 19th

Vincent December 1st December 10th


Please note all dates may change without notice or notification, especially this year with COVID in play.  Delivery is not guaranteed.  Storms happen, artists get sick, furnaces break.  We will try our very best to get your purchase to you by Christmas but the best way to ensure a Christmas delivery is to order your cremation jewelry and memorial glass as early as you can. Deadlines apply for domestic delivery only.

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  • For orders $1200+ get 20% off entire order