Memorial Nightlight with Infused Cremains

Memorial Nightlight Flower with Cremains

Memorial Nightlight Flower with Cremains

If you're looking for a perfect way to bring light to the darkness check out this translucent nightlight flower infused with the cremains of your loved one.  About 3.5" x4.5 wide and  tall; it is 2" deep and uses a generic light bulb.  Comes in various colors, it's a  great addition to any bedroom.

This stunning memorial nightlight uses under 1/4th a teaspoon of cremains and ships within 4 weeks of the collection kit's return.  This uses a US based electrical plug.  Shown in Purple & Aqua and Gold colorations.

Please note if you order one of the colors in Multi-Color we suggest you set the other color to that as well as it will look best if all multi-color.

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