Cut Glass Geodes with Cremation Ash

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Handcut Glass Geode with Infused Ash

This amazing, hand cut, glass geode has been formed utilizing a torch and then faceted by hand to give it a gemstone-like appearance.   A small opal sits in the middle with a pinch of cremains (less than 1/4th a teaspoon) sitting underneath.   

This geode is roughly 1 5/16” in diameter x 1 5/8” tall and is intricately designed to maximize sparkle.  A total of 7-9 hours of labor goes into making each of these unique works of art.  This item is made by Charles and due to the extended labor is ready 3-5 weeks after ash is sent in. 

Eligible for up to 20% off larger orders.

Stone Geode For with Ashes from Spirit Pieces on Vimeo.


A cut glass stone geode with infused ashes from people and pets

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