Memorial Glass Paperweights and Memorial Jewelry

We have a wide selection of memorial glass artwork where we've infused cremation ashes into glass. From hanging glass ornaments with cremation ash to glass paperweights with cremains we have something everyone would love. The cremation ash is mixed into the molten glass at the time of formation with various colors and designs added in to give the glass depth and beauty.

Click on any of the listings to view more. We offer up to 20% discounts for family purchases. Read how to order and/or some of our customer testimonials. Most of our glass products only use half a teaspoon of ash and are returned to you within 2 to 4 weeks unless otherwise specified.

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Illuminated Memorial Glass Flame Paperweight with Cremation Ashes - PAPERWEIGHT | $179.00

Illuminated Memorial Glass Flame Paperweight with Cremation Ashes


Our lovely illuminated memorial glass flame has cremation ash from your loved one infused within and around a spiral of vibrant colored glass, keeping it safe and protected for generations to come. 

It sits on a lovely LED stand that shines 7 different color combinations through the glass.   A beautiful way to remember those you loved and loss.  But don't take our word for it, click on the review tab (above) and see all our amazing reviews!

To see more flame memorial styles, follow this link.

How It's Made

Our memorial flame is handmade by Robert who incorporates the cremains into the flame while it is still  2000 degrees and semi-molten.  The colored core is then twisted and coated with an additional clear coat of molten glass.  The flame is cooled over 48 hours and then flame polished before being carefully packed and shipped.


  • Has a flat spot on the bottom.
  • Available in both a 4.5" and 7" sizing.
  • 1" thick, the profile is flat.
  • We ask for 1/2 a teaspoon of cremation ashes from people and pets.
  • Purchase includes a collection kit to return the ashes.
  • Ready 4-6 weeks after return of kit.
  • Small variations in weight sizing and color patterns should be expected along with some small bubbles.
  • The bottom of the 7" flame can be inscribed with up to 12 characters, the 4.5" flame 8 characters.  Mention inscription requests in the cart notes.
  • Please note as of 2/21 we are only offering the glass 3" light stand (multi-color/not pictured) for the flame.

-- The color of the flames pictured is Green and Blue, respectfully. The other colors appearing in the flames are coming from the 3" light stand the flames are sitting on.  The glass light stand is now included with this listing, not the 4" plastic stand pictured below.  Not all colors are shown illuminated in this listing To see colors without the lightstand click this link  --

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