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Past Work

Glass Pendant with Infused Ash by Misha

Glass Pendant with Infused Ash by Misha

Above pendant was commissioned to remember a loved Father.


L.W. in Minnesota sent in this very lovely blue and white double hooked Rope Orb she commissioned for her beloved dog.  Her dog's name tag is hanging on the bottom.


M.S. sent in this awesome picture of a Teal and Orange Rope orb with a beam of light from a flashlight shining through.  This was one of sixteen orbs ordered by family and friends in memory of her Father.

memorial-glass-urn-with-infused ash

M.D. sent in a picture of this Blue and Purple Rope orb she commissioned for her mom.  It overlooks the foothills in Nevada.

This lovely 3" Double hooked rope orb contains a small amount of ash from a loved family pet dog.  We've added a 45mm lead crystal puffed heart to the second hook for maximum sparkle.

We created this lovely three inch single hooked red and white Glimmer Orb to memorialize R.B's father who passed away.  This orb now hangs on a tree in the garden in the family home and overlooks his three grandchildren playing in the yard.

We were contacted to create this lovely Teal Single Hook Three Inch Glimmer Orb for T.D. who lost his sister after a long illness.  Her favorite color teal offsets the green leafing of the branch it was hung on in the yard where she used to play as a child. 

M.O. contacted us to create a Spirit Piece for her recently passed Terrier.  A small amount of cremains was mixed into the glass and sent back in time for the holidays.  This particular Spirit Piece is a Meadow
and was placed in the backyard overlooking the field where Biscuit used to frolic.

Green was the favorite color of Jane S. who died surrounded by her loved ones after a long illness.  A set of five 2" Glimmer Orb containing a pinch of cremains in the glass was commissioned by her children and are now hanging in their various gardens and windows.

Jax commissioned four of the 3" Double Hooked Confetti Orbs containing a small amount of ashes mixed into the glass for her husband who passed last Fall.  These lovely memorial glass keepsakes were distributed to her four children and currently hang in windows and gardens from Arizona to Minnesota.

This particular Spirit Piece has quite the story.  Custom made with a blue central flare, it was placed by a Scottish Expat by a marker overlooking the Lock Ness Lake.   There it sits with a tag explaining what it is and why it's there.  If you're ever lucky enough to visit the Lock Ness Lake be sure to look for it!

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