Fingerprint Zircon Studded Pendant

By Spirit Pieces Jewelry

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This lovely Sterling Silver or Gold pendant has a fingerprint laser engraved upon the surface and is surrounded by Zircons.  Engraving is created from a digital picture of the fingerprint.  We can accept fingerprints taken by cell phone.  For the gold rings, an automatic 20% discount will be applied during checkout.

Instructions on how to take fingerprint image:

  1. Please take an as clear as possible picture of the fingerprint(s) with your smartphone.  We suggest doing this outdoors in daytime to maximize clarity.
  2. Email photo to after your order is placed
  3. You’ll receive a warranty certificate with a unique reference code that is only linked to your personal fingerprint order.

Ideally the fingerprint is from an ink pad. Gently press the finger on white paper to get image.  Your provider often can help with this step.  Please make a couple until you have a clear fingerprint with visible lines. Send a digital image to


  • Necklace not included, you can find chains here.
  • Also available in gold.
  • Also suited for a double sided fingerprint.
  • The rim can not hold any ashes.


    • The diameter of the rim is 19 mm

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