Name Necklaces with Infused Cremains

By Oksana

This beautiful necklace has silver letters melded to crystal resin beads infused with cremains from your loved ones (people and pets.)

Each bead uses roughly 1/8th a teaspoon of ash which is mixed directly into beautifully colored crystal resin.  Contains a silver grommet core and is Pandora compatible.   Bead dimensions are OD 5/8" ID 1/4" and Height of 3/8". 

These beads are made by Oksana; if buying from other artists you may need to send out additional kits.  Beads are generally produced 2-4 weeks after the collection kit we send for the ashes is returned.  If you are doing multiple sets of remains (i.e. 1 dog per bead) there is a $5 surcharge per extra set of remains.  Default color scheme is Rainbow (Pictured) - custom colors are available upon request in order notes.

Please be explicit on what color (if custom) you want to what letter.  Also please note your preferred chain size.

Bead Care:

  • Please do not bathe or go into the pool or water with beads
  • Remove prior to doing dishes or working with caustic chemicals.
  • Minimize extended exposure to sun
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