Starry Night Circle Pendant with Infused Cremation Ash

By Jonathan

This lovely Starry Night circle pendant infused with ash is made by Jonathan using borosilicate Glass via lampworking techniques.  It is approximately 1.5" in diameter and 1/4" deep.   Used about 1/8th a teaspoon of ash per pendant.  Eligible for up to 20% off on larger family orders.

Please note this item is produced in Canada with a turn-around being 3-5 weeks once the kit is mailed in.  Please be cognizant of USPS rules and costs regarding shipping cremains internationally.

For Canadian customers please refer to your postal service for relevant rules.

For more information on how to order and to learn about our family discount program, add to cart and then click this link. Collection kit(s) are sent automatically and included in the price if you're ordering cremains infused products.

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