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Spiral Drops by Misha

Spiral Drop Pendants
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These lovely spiral drops are great for keeping your loved ones close to the heart.  Made by Misha, these cute drop pendants are 2" long and .5" wide.  These are priced to be sold in groups so the price per pendant will go down as you order more.  Additional discounts kick in at 4 drops with our standard 10% off code 10OFF250.  For quotes on orders of 5 or more pendants contact us at

When you add your pendants to chart you'll have a place to specify the colors you would like.  If ordering 5 pendants and would like 3 jade and 2 Canary, write in (3) Jade and (2) Canary.  Once ordered a free collection kit will be sent to you.  These pendants use under 1/4th a teaspoon of ash each.