Glass Cremation Urns, Paperweights and Memorial Jewelry

Remember Through Art

Wedding Memorial Decoration Idea

Spirit Pieces make lovely glass wedding memorials for relatives who are no longer with you.  Be it a grandfather who died or a Mother who passed, our solid glass memorial Spirit Pieces are wonderful for bringing the memory of your loved one into the wedding.  A small amount of cremains from your loved one are mixed into the glass matrix and sparkle like tiny diamonds in the greater glittering Spirit Piece.

If desired, a second hook can be added to hang a picture locket or other memento from your loved one.  This is a lovely wedding decor addition to any wedding gazebo.  Also great for any general outdoor wedding as it can be hung off a tree, internal decoration or off the tent awning.   Only a quarter teaspoon of the cremation ash is used to make this Wedding Memorial.  After the wedding, hang this in your window to keep the spirit of your loved one close at heart.

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