Wave Galaxy Glass Marble with Infused Cremation Ash

By Charles

This awesome wave galaxy marble is made by hand by flameworking borosilicate glass. One half of the sphere is a star galaxy with a cremains based bottom accented with wispy gold and silver fume, and choice of two opals.  The other half of the sphere is a dichroic glass galaxy.  The perimeter has a wave pattern.  This is 1.5" in diameter (approximate.)   Placement of waves, opals and fuming will differ from marble to marble.

Delivery is within 4 weeks after the free collection kit is sent into us.  Uses 1/4th teaspoon cremains per marble. Eligible for up to 20% off on larger family-sized orders.

Please note this is totally spherical - it will roll!



For more information on how to order and to learn about our family discount program, add to cart and then click this link. Collection kit(s) are sent automatically and included in the price if you're ordering cremains infused products.

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