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The underlying precept of my sculptural work is spiritual symbolism.

I aspire for the pieces to have a personal connection with the viewer, evoking a sense of thought about our development as individuals and as a collective people. I hope for my pieces to spark dreams of where we are going and who we are in the grand sense. Some of my pieces are happy and uplifting and others make one pensive and thoughtful. That is what i strive for, a personal response to a sculpture, an object, that evokes something from one's experiences in this space-time. It's so personal, the viewing. The pieces speak to multiple parts to a whole. Of many lives within Time. The conflict between our nature and the rule of Desire.

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I first stepped into a hot glass studio at Carnegie-Mellon University in 1980 and knew immediately with a crystal clear vision that I wanted to work with glass as my artistic medium. When I first started blowing glass, I felt so comfortable and knew that I could really express my ideas with this material. Glass can be blown, cast in molds, and shaped with many different techniques. I am inspired by pure color. I just love color and glass is the perfect vehicle that showcases the colors that I choose. Nature and wildlife are also great sources of my inspiration. The planets, diversity of colors, climates, creatures and conditions provide us with places for our spirits to ponder, rest and to dream.

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As a glass artist Bryan Randa works within two worlds of glass making. One of which is lamp working, with this he creates beautiful glass creatures of the ocean and of the garden at his peaceful studio in the woods of Pocasset .

The other is off hand glass blowing in a larger scale. Using this technique he makes a variety of functional vessels and sculptures of colorful glass.

“I love being able to help others connect and share memories of their loved ones through glass at spirit pieces."

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I create my ceramic sculptures in my home studio located in the towering Redwoods of Northern California. Because of this inspiring setting I feel a close connection with Nature. I appreciate having my work displayed on Spiritpieces.com because every time my work is purchased I know that it will be looked on with love. It’s gratifying to know that I am helping someone remember a loved one with Beauty and Serenity and I hope every sculpture brings a happy memory.

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Charlie Shoulders has been a glass artist since 2004 working in Michigan. He has won a number of awards for his work and has benefited over the years through training across the country with several glass masters. He specializes in borosilicate flamework, using a large bench torch and an oxygen and propane fuel mix to melt glass, and simple hand tools to sculpt and shape. Borosilicate glass offers a wonderful palette with many organic colors that strike in the atmosphere of the torch to produce gorgeous blends and ranges of color with great depth.

Working with cremains and making special memorials for loved ones who are left behind is very meaningful for him. He believes in the conversation of our earth, and feels being brought back to dust is best for our planet. He also deeply appreciates that a glass object, made in a form designed to capture precious memories, can go wherever you go, and bring a small comfort as well as beauty.

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It is a sincere honor & pleasure to be able to spend time on the Spirit Pieces project. Each piece I create represents someone’s loved one, and having the ability to showcase their cremains within a solid glass memorial is both inspiring and humbling. I think the cremains have an elegant beauty when encased in glass. I put my best into every piece, and look forward to being able to continue participating for many more years…

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Dan N.

After my first class in 2003 at age 17, I was hooked. I spent years taking professional level classes and working hard to try to master this medium. In the summer of 2012 I opened my own glass studio. Here I teach classes, give demonstrations and sell the work of myself and over 60 other glass artists. My inspiration is two fold. The first is technique based. Glass is a very technical medium. From the physical skill-set to the chemistry of working colors, this aspect of the medium fulfills my desire to learn, practice and master. The second is my passion to express myself through glass. These two areas must exist in equal proportions. Without the technical side, I am unable to express myself. Without the passion, there is no drive to continue the path towards mastery.

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Daniel B.

My name is Daniel, I'm a glass artist who works with a torch. I was drawn to cremation work after my own father died. The ashes seemed so impersonal, I liked the idea of them being included in something beautiful. I was initially approached by a customer with the idea of incorporating ashes into glass, and it seemed like a perfect fit for me.

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David C.

Glass Artist David Contreras is a Seattle native and has been blowing glass for over 20 years. He started his glass career in 2001 at the Seattle Glassblowing Studio as a beginner instructor and artist. His time there aloud him to train and learn techniques from some of the greatest Glassblowers in the world. In 2009 after teaching Glass for over eight years he moved his focus on his own business DC Glass, which launched at the famous Pike Place Market in 2006.

In 2020 David Contreras moved his operations to the mountain town of Wallace Idaho. Here he is focusing on both traditional glass art and memorial cremation glass art. A majority of David's color patterns come from the effect of melting 22k gold and 99.9% pure silver into the glass creating unique and special colors. David's passion is creating one of a kind pieces of heirloom art that his clients can cherish for a life time.

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As a Wire Tree Artist from way back in the 1970’s, and I’m living in Pennsylvania in the foot hills of the Pocono Mountains.

I’m self taught, creating and designing realistic wire Trees.
Working with Spirit Pieces since 2017 has been a wonderful experience.

This company is very customer friendly. I love creating unique wire Trees that bring a life time of memories for so many. It means so much to me as a wire Artist and as a person, to create a wire Tree that you will have for many years to come.

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My name is Elena, living in Marietta, Georgia. I’m a Botanical artist since 2013 creating unique natural looking resin jewelry made with real dried flowers, leaves, foliage and other organic materials. Inspiration can come from anywhere. I often find mine in details and patterns in nature, the simplicity and vibrant colors of flowers. My love to give something beautiful that makes you happy every time you look at it and confident every time you wear it.

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Erin has been working with glass since 2000. She is a professionally trained artist with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in the craft of glassblowing. After creating memorial pieces for friends and family members and seeing their warm reception, she knew she had to offer the service to others. She understands that a physical object can serve as a special token, a reminder, and a visual presence of those lost, and cherishes the opportunity to create each memorial.

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Filip specializes in memorial glass art. He loves how the medium preserves the memory and essence of a loved one. These pieces go beyond beautiful jewelry and into the realm of commemorative art.

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It is a privilege to have the opportunity to work with the good folks at Spirit Pieces and create memorial work that has such special meaning.

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I had a bit of an unorthodox introduction to glass. Unlike most, I didn't attend school for art or take lengthy courses at college. I only attended one formal class that consisted of five Thursday nights for a few hours, and I was instantly hooked. I picked up glass blowing quite rapidly and very much wanted to make it my life's work. When I'm making cremation orbs an odd thing happens... I get into a sort of zone. Who I am seems to take a back seat to what is happening and I just watch a sort of dance happening between my hands and the glass. It's like watching a movie in first person. This is when my best work happens.

Thank you to everyone that has supported my work over the years. It brings me the greatest joy to know that the work I enjoy doing brings joy to others!

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Jason discovered the art of glass at a young age and has been fascinated ever since. With over 21 years of experience, he does both flamework & furnace work. He studied glass at Palomar College in San Marcos CA, while also working toward his business degree. He has taken classes at the Eugene Glass School with Artists such as David Willis and Mike Plane. With his passion for glass, he finds satisfaction in creating memorial pieces that will continue to spark happy memories of loved ones. Jason's art is inspired by nature and when not in the studio, he loves spending time outdoors, camping, hiking and scuba diving.

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Jonathan creates beautiful borosilicate glass pendants and earrings for every day and high fashion wear. His innovative technique was developed in conjunction with his training as a scientific glass blower while working at Roche Laboratories in Switzerland. Purchasing a piece by Jonathan Leon is an experience of discovery and fun. Each product is unique because it is handmade. The refined look instantly attracts the eye their harmonious colors and patterns.

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Keith began blowing glass, in 1994 at Virginia Commonwealth University in
Richmond, VA, earning his BFA in Crafts focused in glassblowing. While attending
school he worked for the Williamsburg Glass Company developing a respect for the art of glass production using Early American techniques.

After college he worked various jobs blowing, instructing and casting glass before becoming a hot shop technician at The Glass Eye Studio and Tacoma’s Museum of Glass and International Center for Contemporary Art. Since 2004, Keith creates his own glass at his shop in Ashland Oregon, while raising two kids with his wife Stacy.

His work has been shown in galleries across the nation and prestigious American Craft Shows.

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Keli works out of her home studio in Ortonville, MI and is primarily self taught! She specializes in borosilicate lampworking, using a bench torch, propane and oxygen. She combines clear and color rod to make each unique piece. "I am honored to have the opportunity to create something that will help you remember and connect to your loved one forever!

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Luke runs a production-sized glassblowing studio outside of Boston. With over 20 years' experience and formal training from MassArt, his innate passion for color and craftsmanship led him to artistry at a very young age. "From the age of five I knew I was an artist. Some of my earliest memories are of drawing and sketching the world around me. I consider myself lucky to be able to do something that I love every day."

Luke specializes in creating glass giftables such as ornaments, tabletop décor, and cremation keepsakes. His work is displayed in galleries big and small across the country, including Corning Museum of Glass and the halls of The White House.

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Marlena uses spools of wire, large and small, to weave the intricate designs that make up her art. She spends hours on pieces and uses her art as a form of meditation. She is honored and humbled to be creating for Spirit Pieces and feels deeply grateful to be trusted with such a meaningful task. She hopes that the piece that you receive brings you joy and peace, beauty and healing.

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Mike Hudson

As glass artist, it is my job to make beautiful objects. When I am making Glass with cremains, it adds a great deal of meaning to what I am making. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, it is meant to serve as a reminder of a lost loved one. This adds much more meaning to the piece than simply being a beautiful object.

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We're thrilled to be working with some of the leading memorial glass artists found in the US. From paperweights to hummingbirds they infuse the cremains of the beloved departed into heirloom quality memorial glass. Meet our artists and learn more about why the love working with Spirit Pieces here.