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Spirit Piece Showcase Video from Spirit Pieces

Back in 2009 my Grandmother died after a long illness and was buried at a cemetery in New Jersey.  When my grandparents had purchased their lot the cemetery was in the middle of nowhere; it is now in back of a warehouse district.

This, more than anything else, stayed with me reflecting back on that difficult time.  In the months and years following, I started to get interested in memorial art and the history of it in various cultures and societies. And I came to a conclusion:  in my humble opinion our society had lost an artistic connection with the end of life and I made it my mission to change this.

In the past few years I've assembled a group of very talented artists dedicated towards helping families celebrate the life of their loved ones. From Seattle to Dallas, we strive to produce amazing quality memorials for the generations.

To learn more, read our FAQ or how to order.  Check out our review page here.

If you have any questions, please email me personally at dave@spiritpieces.com

Dave Blake
Owner, Spirit Pieces