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Beach Mixed Media Portrait with Cremation ash

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  • This memorial is suitable for the ashes of pets or people.

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  • This item takes approximately 6 weeks to ship after receiving your ash kit.

This lovely beach themed mixed material resin portrait is made by Kori using layering techniques of resin, beach sand, shells and cremains.  The cremains are safely encased in a color fast layer of hard resin.

How It's Made

Creating resin beach art is a meticulous process that begins with selecting a wooden canvas as the base.

First, she paints with vibrant acrylic to capture the essence of a coastal landscape on the wooden canvas, blending hues to evoke the serene beauty of sand meeting the sea.

She then carefully pours and layer pigmented resin to add depth and dimension to the piece, allowing the colors and ashes to meld organically.

Intricate details, like foamy waves and textured sandy shores are delicately crafted using various tools and mediums.

The artwork is left to cure after each stage, and then a final cure, which is a patient waiting game that ensures a flawless, glossy finish. The final result is a captivating piece that encapsulates the tranquil allure of the beach, frozen in time within layers of resin.


  • 11x14"x.5"
  • Has a small hanging hook behind, light enough to be hung on a penny nail.
  • We ask for a tablespoon of cremation ash, mixed into the sand layer.
  • You may submit your own sand and small shells.  Submitted sand may be a much darker shade than shown online (usually dark grey).
  • If submitting your own shells, please ensure they are clean and <3/4" in length.
  • We can do an inscribed heart or up to 2 printed initials.