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Memorial Paperweights by Robert


Twisted Color Helix Stone with Cremation Ashes in Glass

This lovely glass memorial has cremation ash infused in a spiral colored design through the middle of the glass stone.   A very artful use of ashes, it is 3" high by 2.5" wide and2.5" deep (approximately) and weights about 8 ounces.

This is both a wonderful way to remember someone special and to add a piece of art to your home.  Can be purchased with optional light stands to make them memorial nightlights.

We offer 10% off on purchases of 10 or more units in addition to our discounts of up to 20% for larger family purchases.  For purchases of this size, please contact us directly at

This item is made by Robert.  If you're ordering from multiple artists you may need to send out multiple collection kits.  Generally will ship out 2-4 weeks after receipt of kit, please let us know if you have a deadline.  Kit is sent at time of purchase and we ask for 1/2 a teaspoon of ash per flame.

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Ocean Paperweight with Cremation Ash
from 89.00

This lovely ocean inspired paperweight with cremation ash in the glass has thick color strands impregnated with cremains weaved within crystal clear glass.  With a either a 2" or 3.5" , it is a wonderful addition to any desk or for sitting on a sunny window sill. 

You can choose TWO colors for this orb, a top and bottom, when adding to cart select your color choices.  The purple one pictures is (TOP) Pink (BOTTOM) Purple)  The smaller 2" one pictured is (TOP) Blue and (BOTTOM) Green.  You would write it out as TOP color bottom color when adding to cart.

PICK TWO COLORS FROM : Blue, Green, Pink, Gold, and Purple

Uses about 1/4th a teaspoon of ash from people or pets.  Upon ordering, a free collection kit is sent.  Once kit is returned paperweights are sent within 2-4 weeks.

This product is eligible for up to 20% off for family and friend's purchases.  Read more about how to get this discount as well as how the ordering process works here.


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