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Cremation Ashes Into Glass Memorials

About Our Ashes in Glass Memorial Art

Spirit Pieces was founded in 2014 with the mission to help people grieving over the loss of family members and pets with beautiful handmade art and jewelry. David Blake, owner, was inspired to create Spirit Pieces after the death of his Grandmother. Noticing that current options (cemetery and classic urns) were drab and uninspired, he made it his mission to bring beauty into the space.

We now offer over 1,000+ cremation ash infused glass memorial home decor and jewelry items. From hanging orbs with ash to glass paperweights with cremains we have something everyone would love. The cremation ash is mixed into the molten glass at the time of formation with various colors and designs added in to give the glass depth and beauty. Suitable for the cremation ashes of pets and people.

How to Order Ashes in Glass

Click on any of the listings to view more information. We offer up to 20% discounts for family purchases. Read how to order and/or some of our 12,000+ customer reviews. Most of our glass products only use half a teaspoon of ash and are returned to you within 6 weeks unless otherwise specified.

To order our cremation glass, simply select the glass art you wish to put your loved ones ashes into and add to cart, then checkout. Once you order, we'll send you a free collection kit to put the ashes into glass. The kits are labeled with your specific information and each artist has work flow to keep your order/cremation ashes separate from all other cremation glass art orders. All our artists are based in North America.

Please note that since we work with very hot temperatures (glass is mixed with cremation ashes at over 2000 degrees!) there can be some bubbling, especially if the submitted cremains are of a darker coloring. Bubbles are an expected part of the process of making glass with ashes and do not represent a defect of any kind. 

Is Glass Art Memorials the Same as Glass Urns?

It's important to understand that we do classify ashes in glass differently than glass urns. Specifically, the cremation ash is mixed directly into the glass matrix with ashes in glass, as we define it. This is different than a glass urn for ashes, as the latter is simply a vessel you would pour the ashes into.

They key point is you could, if you wanted to, empty the vessel of the ashes. With glass cremation art, the ashes can not be separated from the glass once added.

How do you get Cremation Ash into Glass?

Generally, think of adding cremation ashes to glass as making a candle. The first step is a core glass element is created from a laddle of molten glass. This is then rolled in colored glass frit and a small amount of cremation ash from pets and people; the frit and cremation ash is then bonded to the molten glass.

Additional layers of molten glass are added and the molten glass is shaped into the final work. Once cooled, the cremation ash is forever encased and protected.

Can We Put Ashes into Glass at Home?

For better or worse you must send in cremation ash to be infused into Spirit Pieces Memorial Glass.  We add the cremation ash into the glass when molten; it's mixed into the glass much like chocolate chips are into cookies.  Neither you nor a funeral home can do this step due to the specialized equipment and skill needed to mix cremation ash and glass.

Can All Cremation Ashes be Put into Glass?

Yes, as long as the cremation ash hasn't been mixed with other substances.  We can put aquamation cremation ash into glass, and can make cremation glass from the ashes of both pets and people.  We've even used ash from old urns over 25 years old to make memorial glass infused with ash.

Can I Feel the Ashes wearing Jewelry Made from Ashes?

The short answer is no.  When we add ashes to glass jewelry, we're creating layers of glass each enveloping the other.  One of the inner layers contains the cremation ash from your dearly departed loved one.  We then put a layer of colored or clear glass over that cremation ash.   As such, you're only feeling the outer glass when you touch your memorial jewelry, not the ashes directly.

About Spirit Pieces

Since 2014, Spirit Pieces has created memorial artwork for over 80,000 families. We work with some of this country's leading artists to help you to keep your loved ones close to the heart and home. 

For help, contact us at hello@spiritpieces.com or call us at 512-886-2029

Below is a short collection of glass memorials with ashes in glass.